Conditions, costs, pay & other information

Practical info


The programme in short:

  • Apcon books a suitable and good workplace for you with a farmer.
  • We provide you with all necessary information.
  • You organise the journey to the farmer yourself.


Conditions for participating are:

  1. Minimum age of 18 years
  2. Good health and physical condition
  3. EU country passport or identity card
  4. Available for full harvest period (± 5-13 days)


We charge € 99,- for participation in the grapepicking programme.

Payment can be done by a pre-printed giro credit slip we provide, or by digital bank transfer. After payment you’ll receive all information about your place of work, working conditions, etc. as soon as possible.

About COVID-19

In the unfortunate case that France would go into lockdown, we’ll of course refund the full application fee. We’re not responsible for transport tickets you’ve already bought.

Your pay

In France you’ll be paid per working day, independent of your pace of work. Every year pay is according to the tariffs set by law. Last year net wages were about € 57,- for an 8 hours working day. This amount will change a little bit every year. Carriers earn more than pickers, but there is no great difference.

Apart from the wages you’ll be given board and lodging (see Programme). On days you don’t work, either due to the weather or because of illness, you won’t be paid. At the end of the harvest, wages will be paid out either in cash or by cheque. Let the farmer know you’d prefer to be paid in cash; in this way you avoid the cost of cashing a cheque. If you do receive a cheque, it’s advisable to cash it in France right away.


The farmer is legally bound to insure you against accidents during working hours. This insurance doesn’t cover damages as a result of theft, etc. Therefore, a travel insurance is recommended.

Starting date

Often you’ll be informed of the final starting date of your harvest only at short notice and at times that date is changed. This is due to weather conditions: the farmers just can’t give us the information at an earlier stage. Of course we pass it on as quickly as possible.

In case a programme is booked up or the harvest time doesn’t correspond with the period you are available, your application will be cancelled. It goes without saying that any payment made will be refunded forthwith.


In case of cancellation on your part one month or more before the start of the harvest at your place of work, we will refund 50% of your payment. Cancellations until two weeks before the start: 25% refund; later cancellations: no refund.

The relationship between pickers and the farmer (employer) is not our responsibility. An employer has the legal right to send away a picker (employee) if he has a good reason to do so. Apcon is not liable for any possible damage or loss of income.

Other info

  • We inform you in advance how many days your harvest will approx. take. Work continues during the weekends. You are supposed to work a farmer’s full harvest period.
  • It is not necessary to speak French well in order to understand what you have to do. Besides, there will always be a colleague who speaks French, or a Frenchman who speaks English.
  • When it rains there is usually no work, since the rain affects the sugar contents of the grapes negatively. If it keeps raining many days on end, you’ll have to go into the fields as the bunches might start rotting.

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