APCON connects farmers and pickers.


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APCON connects farmers and pickers.

OOGST van 2024


Apcon is oorspronkelijk ontstaan uit wat een hobby was: werken en rondreizen door Europa.

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We will help you get a special experience: helping with the grape harvest for a week or more. No more spending hours online searching for farmers who may not even be active online - grape-picking.com from APCON takes care of it all for you. For a one-off fee of €99, our team carefully selects and visits farmers to ensure they meet all requirements, and provides all the information you need to embark on your own unique adventure. (At the farmer you will earn an average of 60 euros per day including board and lodging)


Picking grapes in a beautiful French vineyard still fires the imagination of many.

What makes picking so special.

Meet friends

Get in touch with cultures from all over Europe, enjoy special evenings on the farm and make friends for life.

Unique place to stay

Stay in the most beautiful and romantic vineyards and olive groves of Europe with a view that will amaze you every day.

The natural process

Verblijf in de mooiste en meest romantische wijn- en olijfgaarden van Europa met een uitzicht dat u elke dag weer zal verbazen.

We have gone before you!

Ik ging je voor!

"I would definitely recommend it to people, I have already infected my friends and next year I will go there with an even bigger group of friends. It was very peaceful and no worries from the outside world. So like I said, I'm definitely going to do this more often!"
Leon 21
Picking grapes in France
"It's a hard-working job where you are physically challenged. But you do have the sun on your head when you are working and the temperature can rise above 20⁰."

Jan 59
Picking olives in Spain
"I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the work. Right from the start I loved being in the vineyard. I am not at all sporty, but I enjoy the physical work. I love the sound of the rustling bushes and the French murmur in the vineyard."
Loes 33
Picking grapes in France

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What we arrange for you.


When you go grape picking, you will have earned back our fee in no time through the pay you get from the farmer. You get paid at the end of the harvest. (You earn an average of 60 euros per day including board and lodging.) 

Board and lodging

At all selected farmers you will receive board and lodging and enjoy delicious meals, wines and other beverages. 

Good company

Make friends for life! We put together teams according to your wishes and those of the farmer, so you are always with like-minded people.

Connecting to farmer

We connect you to a fine and reliable workplace, at a farmer who has been visited and selected by us.


If the harvest does not take place on the dates you indicated due to weather conditions, for example, you will receive 100% cashback. If you are unable to attend at the last minute but we have placed you when you can, we will not give you a cashback but you will receive a credit note. 


We provide you with all information about the start of the harvest, duration of the work period and information about the work and the journey, based on years of experience.

Happy pickers
Satisfied farmers
Grapes picked


5 Account
  • You get a place in the farmer's team
  • You will be informed of the date, time and place
  • You are guaranteed board and lodging during the harvest
  • The beginning of an extraordinary adventure!